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What is a HydroJelly Masque?

HydroJelly Masques have been trending in 2019, and show no signs of stopping!

Also know as an Alginate masque - they are derived from refined seaweed and kelp. Algae comes to us with the spirit of the ocean. One of algae's most notable powers is its ability to instantly hydrate the skin. It is a rich source of natural polysaccharides with a proven ability to enhance the skin's barrier function, replenish the skin's natural water reserves and increase its moisture-retention capabilities. Also, algae produces 60% of the oxygen we use every day. It carries tremendous oxygen, infusing it into the skin for detoxification and boosting the skin's defenses against a variety of environmental stressors.

Water and oxygen exposure can spoil algae in cosmetics. To prevent spoilage, cosmetics formulated with algae need a strong preservative ingredient. Here at The Retreat, we prefer to avoid unwanted preservatives so we source our masques in dry powder form. The dry ingredients stay fresh and are activated when mixed with water just before the application. Cosmetics in powder form remain shelf stable for longer and require significantly fewer preservatives, making powder masques a safe and effective alternative for the skin.

Our masques contain NO Parabens, Sulfates, Phthaltates, Talc or Corn Starch. They are cruelty-free - no animal testing!

We can apply the masque over the entire face, including over the eyes and mouth (delicate skin that is often neglected during a facial!) Of course, if you are not comfortable with that, we can keep the eyes and/or mouth uncovered.

If you are claustrophobic or having difficulty breathing through your nose only, for 10+ minutes (i.e. allergies, sinus issues,) we may suggest to keep your eyes and mouth uncovered. After the masque congeals, it easily peels off in one piece. Your brows and lashes (and beards, guys) will remain perfectly safe.

Reasons why we love HydroJelly Masques:
1. They're cooling and soothing
2. They contain organic ingredients
3. They're ultra-hydrating
4. They can be applied over the eyes and mouth (areas often neglected in a facial)
5. They're fun!

We include HydroJelly masques in our Mini Facial add-on, our Touch Up Facial and our two body wraps - Marine Peptide Body Wrap and Sacred Sedona Mud Wrap. They can be added to any other facial for an additional $10.

Come to The Retreat and see what the buzz is all about!

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