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Specialty Massage
& Bodywork

Sports Massage, The Retreat, Fairfax VA

Sports Massage

A more vigorous-style massage including facilitated stretching, perfect for those training for an athletic event or involved in regular sporting activities.

*PRO TIP*  Add Deep Muscle Therapy to break up tight muscles + $15

75 min - $149      90 min - $177

Indulge the senses with our mega-moisture massage focusing on deep relaxation while also nourishing your largest organ - your skin!  Your choice of essential oil blends are mixed into our HydraLuxe emollient and massaged in from head to toe leaving your skin satin smooth. 

add HydraLuxe emollient to any massage +$15

HydraLuxe Massage, The Retreat, Fairfax VA

HydraLuxe Massage

75 min - $156      90 min - $187

Salt of the Earth Massage, The Retreat, Fairfax VA

Salt of the Earth

Ultra pure and concentrated magnesium oil, extracted from the Zechstein seabed in Europe, is worked into the skin while your therapist uses long, flowing strokes to encourage blood flow.  This healing therapy can help address chronic pain, fatigue and insomnia, and is greatly beneficial to those who experience leg aches or cramps at night.

add magnesium oil to any massage +$12

75 min - $143      90 min - $172

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage addresses many of the new aches and pains experienced in the body from the normal shifts that occur throughout pregnancy.  This massage will be preformed by our prenatal-certified therapists in the side-lying position with lots of comfy pillows for support. Please note - this massage is not offered to expecting mothers in their first trimester.  

Great Expectation, The Retreat, Fairfax VA

Great Expectations

60 min - $125      75 min - $156

Reflexology, The Retreat, Fairfax VA


Reflexology involves the physical act of applying pressure to the body, with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques. Specific points are targeted and worked on in order to send signals to the brain and balance the nervous system.  This is much more than an awesome foot massage!

Our 45 min Deluxe Reflexology includes a Peppermint & Rosemary Foot scrub with steam towels, and our smoothing Lavender Shea Butter with a hot stone foot massage!

30 min - $49      45 min - $79

Classic Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

A relaxation-focused massage with long, flowing strokes to release muscle tension, reduce stress and promote a state of calm.  Melt away with a warm towel for your back and neck.

60 min - $105    75 min - $131    90 min - $157

Deep Tissue Deluxe

Includes deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and other advanced techniques to work through tough knots and tight muscles.

*PRO TIP*  Add Cupping Therapy for maximum decompression + $17

60 min - $117    75 min - $146   90 min - $175

Shrug It Off

Reset after a long work day with a massage focusing on the upper back, neck and shoulders - where all of your stress and tension accumulates.  Includes a hot steam towel to relax the muscles and therapeutic deep tissue if needed.  Perfect for our first-time massage guests.

30 min - $57    45 min - $79

We have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy.

All appointments must be canceled or rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance to avoid any fees or penalties.  Please review all of our spa policies prior to making a reservation.

Signature Massage

Sweet Escape, The Retreat, Fairfax VA

Sweet Escape



A customized massage to encourage blood flow, gently ease tense muscles and promote deep relaxation.  Includes a heated neck roll, hot stones on the back and reflexology on the feet.


60 min - $125     75 min - $156      90 min - $187

Hawaiian Rapture, The Retreat, Fairfax VA

Hot Stone Massage

Hawaiian Rapture

Hot lava stones melt stress from head to toe and thaw even the tightest of muscles.  Your therapist will incorporate traditional massage techniques with their hands to assist with tension release.

75 min - $159      90 min - $189

Himalayan Salt Crystal Massage, The Retreat, Fairfax VA

Himalayan Salt Crystal Massage

This highly relaxing and re-mineralizing body massage uses warm, hand-carved salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains to balance the central nervous system and nourish depleted cells, leaving the body in a deep state of relaxation.  Includes our meditative ZEN blend of essential oils.

75 min - $169      90 min - $199

Buddhist Cymbals

Enhance your Massage

Peppermint Scalp Massage

  Experience a tingly and refreshing scalp massage with invigorating peppermint essential oil and fractionated coconut oil.

Great for increasing circulation which can aide in improved hair growth and nourished, healthy hair.

15 min $22

Back Scrub

A blend of dead sea salt and organic grape seed oil are applied to the back to buff away dead skin.

Complete with a steam towel.


Magnesium Oil Upgrade

Upgrade your massage medium to our Magnesium massage oil, with minerals harvested from the Zechstein seabed.  Helps alleviate chronic pain, fatigue and insomnia and is greatly beneficial to those who experience leg aches and cramps at night.


Cupping Therapy

This treatment applies pliable silicone cups to the area to be treated and creates a vacuum, drawing the skin and underlying tissue into the silicone cup. The combination of massage movement and negative pressure lifts and loosens rigidity of connective tissue and soft tissue, releases stagnation and increases circulation. 


Sheet Mask

Enjoy a hydrating sheet mask during your massage while you are face up and let the goodness soak in while your therapist works on the front of your legs, neck and shoulders.  This is often paired with our Toning Face Massage add-on!



15 minutes of reflexology dedicated to areas of stagnation on the feet.  Point work and thumb walking along reflex points will leave the feet feeling renewed, and the total body feeling balanced.

15 mins   $22

Deep Muscle Therapy

Help break through ultra-tight muscles with a focused treatment on a specific area.  Includes steam towels, the use of a massage gun and our soothing Polar Lotion with menthol.



100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil blends will be added to our light and nourishing Jojoba oil.  Try one of our custom blends:
Stress Relief
Good Sleep
Headache Relief
Breathe Right


Toning Face Massage

Organic, cold-pressed grape seed oil is applied to the face followed by sinus and tension relieving movements. May be incorporated into any massage 60 mins or longer.

15 min $25


Upgrade your massage medium to our potent CBD oil to help relieve chronic pain and inflammation.


Peppermint & Rosemary
Foot Scrub

Dead Sea salt, peppermint and rosemary essential oils soften the skin on the feet, remove roughness and leave the feet feeling refreshed.

Complete with steam towels and our peppermint, rosemary and lavender foot cream.


Shirodhara Hot Oil
Hair Treatment

Warmed oils of Argan, Coconut, lavender, rosemary and cedarwood are drizzled onto the forehead and flow back into the hairline, massaged into the scalp and worked through the hair from root to tip.

Please arrive with hair in workable condition, and tangle free.

15 min $32

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